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Rev. Lyn, Psychic Intuitive Counselor

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  • Healing Room

    Learn how to heal yourself mentally, physically and spiritually -  Do you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders?  Learn how to release this pain.  Lyn offers free Healing Sessions.

  • Healing Stones

    Beautiful Rose Quartz crystals designed specifically for your needs.  Lyn will energize these beautiful stones with healing & balancing energies to help calm and heal you.

  • Guardian Angel Portraits

    Meet Your Guardian Angel.  Through Lyn's physical body, Your Guardian Angel will paint his/her image in oil on canvas.

  •  Send Free E-Mail Postcards

    Send your friends, family or loved ones postcards via E-mail through Angel Doorway's Free e-mail Post Office.


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  • Angelic Stories

    Do you believe in Angels?  These stories are written to inspire the wingless angels... Actual Angel photos are included.  New stories are added periodically so check back from time to time.

  • Meditation Room

    Learn how to Meditate with Lyn's guided meditation...  Also learn basic information about your 7 energy centers... Chakras

  • Meet Lyn

    Read a brief biography of Lyn, who she is and her sincere belief of the Angels among us.  Here you can read testimonials of some of Lyn's clients.

  • Games & Humor  

    Laughter is a healing remedy.  If you're feeling down and need a lift, this is the place to go. We have a few games to play as well.


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  • Angel Doorway Chatroom

    Angel Doorway has it's own private Chatrooms.  Click here to visit other wingless angels and communicate.

  • Egyptian Site

    Lyn's love of the beauty of Egypt led her to create her own Egyptian Room.  See Your name in hieroglyphs.  She's included links to other Egyptian sites as well.

  • Message Board

    Angel Doorway has created a message board for we wingless Angels to share our experiences and give or receive guidance.  Although this is not the place for psychic readings, it's a really great site for sharing.

  • Psychic Readings

    Through this site you can place your name in a monthly drawing for a Free 15 minute 'Mini' psychic reading via phone, or order a psychic reading by Phone...


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  • Links

    Links to Educational Sites such as Deepak Chopra & the Edgar Cayce Foundation.  There are links to Spiritual Sites, UfO Links, and many more.

  • Angel Doorway WebRing

    Angel Doorway now has two (2) WebRings...  *The Angel Doorway Ring welcomes links to other sites who express light-Angelic themes.  *Our ©Universal Light Language Ring allows a variety of possibilities..  Submit your site today!

  • One Journey

    Lyn has written a book entitled 'One Journey'.  It is the story of an Angel who prepares for her experience known as physical life.  Follow this Angel as she learns the truth about her existence.  Watch as she overcomes her obstacles along her path.  Click here for more information.


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  • Free Reading Contests

    Angel Doorway periodically gives away Free 15 Minute Phone Readings as Holiday Gifts.

  • WebRing Memberships

    Visit the beautiful webrings throughout the internet which Angel Doorway is honored to be a part of.

  • Creative Visualization

    Your thoughts are your reality.  Learn how to bring love into your life with positive visualization.

  • Astrology/Zodiac  

    Angel Doorway has two Astrology Rooms.  Visit our Astrology section.  Learn about your sun sign and your personality traits.   


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  •  Chinese Astrology

    Visit our Chinese Astrology section.  Learn about yourself or the personality traits of others. Who are you compatible to?  

  • Visit Angel Doorway's...     "BUBBLE MAGICK

    Lyn's approach to color analysis is amazingly accurate.  Learn about your true nature.

  • Angel Doorway MAGIC

    A test of nature.  Brace yourself...

  • Awards

    View the many Awards the Angel Doorway website has received.

  • Angel Doorway Banners

    Place an Angel Doorway Banner directly on your site.  There are several to choose from!


Soon to Come... Spiritual/Educational Courses by Lyn!


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