I Look Forward to meeting You..... Lyn

LYN is a well known clairvoyant in the South.  As a child, she was always

aware of  the presence of 'Guardian Angels'.  Through the years, Lyn

has developed a unique ability to transform the image(s) of these

Angels onto canvas.  In fact, She graciously allows

these spirit(s) to paint themselves........


Lyn is also recognized as a Healer in her

Community.  Working closely with the Spirit World,

Lyn's individual approach to energy balancing/healing is un-matched.


As a Psychic, Lyn is one of the best.  She treats her ability with respect,

and  her accuracy is remarkable!  She is admired for her help

in investigative and individual counseling.

As a clairvoyant I am always aware of the presence of Angels among

us.    One day I was honored by a special request.  My own

Guardian Angel, Naomi, expressed to me that other

Angels wished to share their image(s) on

canvas.  So,..... I agreed to help!


We each have many Angels

guiding and protecting us through physical

life.  MOST of us are consciously aware of them.

 We know how their presence 'feels' around us, and we some-

times have a sense of how they look.  Most of us communicate with

our Angel(s) every day.  Sometimes we realize it... sometimes we don't.

I BELIEVE IN ANGELS!...... ^i^ Lyn ^i^

My Goal in this physical lifetime is to help guide others to remember how

precious this life experience truly is.  That every experience, the good

as well as the ones which appear to be negative, are what we've

come here to do.  Let us embrace each moment as though it

were our last.  Let us share our love and kindness with

each other, for tomorrow...  we may be gone.

  Have no regrets tomorrow for what

you could have done.... today!

I send you Love and Light,

^i^  Lyn  ^i^



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