September 11, 2001


    The United States of America is a nation who's primary foundation is built on strength and love for one another...  for God.  We are a family.   Although there may be relative discord among us through racial, social, political, religious or class divisions, we are a family nonetheless.  Proven by our ability, at a time such as this, to reach out to one another, casting out our differences and uniting for a common goal... to aid our fellow man!


To offer your assistance for peace to your country and to our world, envision a beautiful cotton-candy pink cloud of love surounding your heart area (pastel-pink/almost white), then see this light emitting outward from your heart, and enveloping your wonderful nation.  Next, extend this pink cloud beyond your nation and onto your surrounding countries along with thoughts for peace and love..  Finally,  completely surround the Earth and beyond with your cloud expressing love and peace to our entire world.

I send you Love & Light,

^i^ Lyn ^i^


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